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Ingredients A mixture of mono - and diesters of stearic acid and polyethylene glycol-400 with a predominance of monoesters.
Product description PEG-400 stearate is used in the cosmetic industry for the manufacture of creams, ointments, as a structuring agent, plasticizer. Emulsifier for the system "oil / water". PEG-400 stearate is soluble in olive and perfume oils when heated. The optimal concentration in the composition is 3-5%. According to the degree of impact on the body, PEG-400 stearate belongs to the 4th class of danger. It is also used in the composition of lubricants, in plasticized PVC.
Package PE drum 51 litres
Shelf life 12 months
Storage conditions Store in dry cool place (10 — 250С) in closed package as per GOST 9069 requirements.

Appearance Ointment substance
Colour White to dark cream
Drop point, °С 26 – 36
Acid value, mg КОН/g, max 5,0
Esters value mg КОН/g 80 ­— 110

All test are made at 21°С unless otherwise specified.