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Ingredients Diethyleneglycol monooleate
Product description Oleate DEG is used as an emulsifier and non-ionic co-surfactant in various skin cosmetics. The recommended concentration in the product is up to 3%. Oleate DEG is a self-decomposing surfactant, used as w / o or o / w emulsifier with an auxiliary agent. Especially well suited for use with mineral oil systems. Used as a lubricant, it creates an emulsion of water in oil.
Package PP drum 51 litres, 227 litres
Shelf life 18 months
Storage conditions Store in dry cool place (10—250С) in closed package as per GOST 9069 requirements.

Appearance Homogenous liquid mass
Colour From cream to dark brown
Colour, Gardner 2,0 – 7,0
Colour, APHA 250,0 – 550,0
Water mass, % max 3,0
Acid value, mg КОН/g, max 50,0
Ester value, mg КОН/g 110 – 160
Flash point, °С at 760 mm Hg 147,50 – 148,50
рН (5% water solution) 6,50-8,50
Viscosity, Brookfied RV4, cP, T 24.0°C 20 – 150
Refraction index, T21,0°C 1,4600 – 1,4650
Density, g/sm³ 0,9000 – 0,9500
Quality reaction on DEG Negative
mulsifying ability
The emulsion is homogeneous, shiny, stable after centrifugation

All test are made at 21°С unless otherwise specified.