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Ingredients Sorbitanmonooleate (80%-90%), sorbitandioleate (2%-5%).
Product description Sorbitanoleate-A is an emulsifier in direct and inverse emulsions, widely used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and the manufacture of lubricants. The input rate is 0.2-8.0%, depending on the recipe. Used as a binder in dry systems.
Package PP drum 51, 227 litres
Shelf life 18 months
Storage conditions Store in dry cool place (15-250С) in closed package as per GOST 9069-73 requirements.75

Appearance Viscous transparent mass. During storage, the mass is gelled.
Colour From light yellow to brown
Colour, Gardner 5,50 – 5,80
Colour, APHA 1100,0 – 1600,0
Odour Light fatty
Acid value, mg КОН/g, max 7
Ester value, mg КОН/g 145-165
Hydroxyl value, mg КОН/g 160-220
рН (1% water solution) 6,0 – 8,0
Emulsifying ability, min 10
Viscosity, Brookfied RV4, cP, T 23.0°C 1910,0 – 1990,0
Refraction index, T20,0°C 1,4670 – 1,4770
Density, g/sm³ 0,9200 – 0,9900

All test are made at 21°С unless otherwise specified.
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