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Ingredients Mixture of mono- and di- esters of oleic acid and polyethyleneglycol-400 and free polyethyleneglycol-400
Product description PEG-400 oleate is highly soluble in organic solvents. Used as an emulsifying agent in oil / water emulsion systems. PEG-400 oleate is soluble in olive and perfume oils, forms stable emulsions with a high (up to 70%) content of the oil phase. The optimal concentration in the composition is 2.0-5.0%. The product is well compatible with many types of cosmetic materials: stearin, spermaceti, waxes, etc. Due to its good dermatological properties, it is widely used in cosmetic creams designed to care for dry and sensitive skin. High solubility in oils allows its use in oil shampoos, cleansing oils and children's cosmetics.
Package PP drum 51 litres, 227 litres
Shelf life 12 months
Storage conditions Store in dry cool place (10—250С) in closed package as per GOST 9069 requirements.

Appearance Mobile oil. Light precipitation allowed
Colour From yellow to dark brown
Colour, Gardner 6,30 – 6,45
Colour, APHA 1300,0 – 1340,0
Water mass, % max 1,5
Acid value, mg КОН/g, max 5,0
Ester value, mg КОН/g 70-95
Flash point, °С at 760 mm Hg 207
рН (5% water emulsion) 6,50-8,00
Viscosity, Brookfied RV4, cP, T 25.0°C 120 – 140
Refraction index, T20,0°C 1,4650 - 1,4660
Density, g/sm³ 0,9400 – 0,9450

All test are made at 21°С unless otherwise specified.
Каталог продукции
Контроль качества сырья, материалов и готовой продукции осуществляется квалифицированными специалистами аттестованной центральной заводской лаборатории предприятия.

Свидетельство об аттестации:
№ 14 от 26.04.2012 года.

На предприятии внедрена и сертифицирована система менеджмента качества по ГОСТ Р ИСО 9001-2008. Соответствие системы менеджмента качества требованиям международного стандарта ISO 9001-2008 подтверждается сертификатом, выданным аккредитованной организацией ООО «Смоленск Тест»
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